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    AE performance with AJA / Blackmagic video output

    theiceage13 Level 1



      is there any way to improve the performance of AE when working with video output? I have an AJA Kona LHe installed on one workstation and a Blackmagic Decklink Studio on a different workstation. I work with 1920x1080 DPX-sequences most of the time. RAM-Preview works fine (means realtime) when I deactivate my video-preview. But with video preview activated I get a frame rate around 15-20 fps.


      I know that AE is not supposed to provide a perfect video preview in realtime, but is there any way to improve this a little bit?


      Fun facts:


      - when turning my quality to half or quarter, the frame rate is even lower (around 10-15 fps)

      - different source material acts different...quicktimes give me realtime sometimes, dpx sequences result in 15-20 fps. I mean - AE is putting the comp into the RAM ("RAM-Preview") - shouldn't it make no difference what source material in my comp is?