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    Group width when elements at negative coordinates


      <s:Group id="g1">

           <s:Group id="g2" width="100" x="-40"/>




      I have a group that contains elements placed at negative coordinate values. I would like to get the total width of the group including parts of elements placed at negative values. In the example above g1.width returns 60 (100-40) but i like to get the value 100. In the example bellow g3.width returns 0 and still i like to get the value 100. How can I do this.

      I have debugged the application and no property of g1 or g3 is 100.

      I get the values i want if I use the Box class instead but how do I get the values i want with the Group class?


      <s:Group id="g3">

           <s:Group id="g4" width="100" x="-150"/>




      This is an simplified example. I have many child elements in the real application so i can't just use the width of the child element.