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    archiving question


      When tasks that have been completed are viewed in workspace it seems to be a list of generic information, with the task id, etc. Is there a was to customize this list so each completed tax shows the requestors information?

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          Robert Haché

          Process Management has the concept of process variables.  These are variables that can be set via the process and exposed in Workspace.  These variables are created on the process and set to 'Visible in the UI'.  The values, of course, will be set within your process.


          To view these variables in Workspace you would:

          1. Navigate to Preferences -> Manage Column Headings.
          2. Select the Tracking radio button
          3. In the 'View Options' drop down list select the process that includes the process variable you want to expose.
          4. In the 'Select Headings' list you will see the process variable displayed at the bottom of the list
          5. Select the variable. You will now see the variable (which is now a column heading) displayed in the 'Order Headings' list
          6. Click Save
          7. Navigate to Tracking and select your process in the left hand pane
          8. Select a process instance, on the right, and click the Type icon to open the instance
          9. Once you see the Process Details and Audit tab click the Audit tab
          10. You should now see your process variable displayed as a column heading for this process.


          Note that you can also expose the process variables as a column in the To Do page.  In step 2, above, select the 'Tasks by Process' radio button.


          So to summarize you need to modify your process and create a variable that is 'Visible in UI' and then have your process set that variable and then you can expose it in Workspace.


          I hope that answers your question.

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            jscotti Level 1

            So I could potentially display who currently has a form in their queue. Correct?

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              Vikas Vijayrania Level 2

              Thats right.

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                Robert Haché Level 2

                There is a column you can expose called 'Current Queue Owner' and that will display the name of the person who current has the task (the form in their queue).  It also displays the name of the person who completed the previous tasks.  Is that what you mean?

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                  jscotti Level 1

                  This does work for what I need, however, when I update my preferences and go to search, the columns are there, but they are not in the order I would like to see them. I can move the columns around, but it doesn't save them.


                  I have a few other questions ...


                  Under the tracking tab, it displays a list of tasks. Is it possible to customize this list? and if so, how?


                  When I click search templates, and advanced search. Is it possible to move the columns around and have it saved? Or does a user need to move them each time it is searched?

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                    Robert Haché Level 2

                    Updating column display via the Preferences page only affects the columns displayed in the section you updated (Tasks or Tracking).  This does not affect search results.  The search result columns are dictated by the search template.  When the search template is created you can specify the order in which the search result columns are displayed.


                    You are correct, you can move the columns to new locations by dragging the column but this is not persisted once the user logs out of Workspace.


                    Under the Tracking tab you are presented with a list or processes that the user has participated in.  This list is the left hand pane.  Once you select a process you are then presented with a list of process instances for that process (that the user has participated in).  This list is not is not customizable via the Workspace preferences.  One you open a process instance to view the Audit trail you are presented with the tasks for that process instance.  The columns displayed on the Audit tab are the once that you can manipulate via the 'Tracking' section on the 'Manage Column Headings' preference page.


                    On a search template (not sure what 'advanced search' is) you are presented with three columns.  These can be moved but are not persisted.  On the search results you are presented with the columns specified in the search template.  As mentioned above these are specific to the search template.  They can be moved but are not persisted.


                    Hope that helps,