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    group-by query using OLAPCube




      I am getting the results of a database query execution in my Flex application. I need to provide the user, the facility to switch between different data combinations which can be obtained by running "group - by" kind of database queries from the same data. For instance if the query result contains sales data for each month starting from Jan 2000 to Dec 2010, I would like to display the annual sales data for each year by grouping the data and displaying the sum for all months of the same year.


      Though I can do this from the backend and send it to the Flex app whenever the user switches the view, I want to avoid the computation on the backend and do it in the Flex app.


      I came across the OLAPCube and OLAPDataGrid controls but despite going through the documentation, I am not very clear about the same if what I intend to do can be done using OLAP.


      I would like to know if given the master data set, is it possible to derive different subsets of data that can be displayed to the user on demand? If yes, can some one provide a sample example to do the same?