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    Why won't Adobe X search for hyphens?


      I'm using Adobe X with Windows 7 to proof fiction for a publishing firm.  I would like to be able to search for words at the end of the lines where there is a word break but Adobe X will not let me search for those.


      For example, I found in the text I'm reading the word animals and it is at the end of the line and is broken out like this:




      I would like to search for ani- and see if there are more occurances like this so I can make sure I catch all broken out words to see if they are done correctly, but if I search for that hypen, it won't bring up this example in the results (or any other words at the end of lines that are broken).  If I copy and paste ani- into the search box it won't paste the hypen at the end.


      Now, If I manually type in the hypen it won't search for the right kind of hyphen.  It always leaves out in the results the ones I need to look at the most, which are broken words with hypens at the end of the lines.


      Is this some sort of "special character" that I'm searching for?  If so, how do I search for it?  Any suggestions would be most appreciated!