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    Datagrid dataprovider not updated after filterfunction/refresh applied.

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      I have a datagrid that has about 100 or so rows backed by an arrayCollection - no problems. I use a list of "topics" to filter the view in the datagrid, using a filterfunction assigned to the arrayCollection - no problem. The only editable data in the grid is a single column boolean value represented by a checkbox using an itemrenderer - no problem.


      Problem: I change the state of several checkboxes for my current topic, I select a new topic, then change some check boxes under that topic. When I return to the first topic, the checkboxes are no longer checked - everything is as it was before. I would have thought the arraycollection (dataprovider) was getting updated when I changed the values of the checkboxes, but this does not appear to be the case.


      So, do I need to handle an event to update the dataprovider manually before I change to a new topic, or should it work like I described and I am doing something wrong?