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    Group Video Chat


      I am yet to find a good tutorial or example code on how to implement a group video chatting application.  Is it possible to use RTMFP Groups to launch multiple chat windows without using point-to-point connections?  If I'm attempting to use RTMFP Groups then should I use DIRECT_CONNECTIONS or not?  I have looked over the Video Phone Sample Application but it is a 2 way communication model and I'm interested in group video chats.


      Any help, resources or advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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          I would also like to know, how do you get all peerIDs for everyone who is a member of a group.  To link up video, do you have to h

          ave the explicit peerID of the user from which to pull the camera feed?  Is there a way to iterate through all users in a group and pull the camera feed?