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    No 2850 K option after opening dng file

    Ben Dearnley

      I have a problem using DNG Profile Editor. I am trying to do a proper calibration using a 24 square color chart shot under 6500K and 2850K illumination. I have the chart photographed twice but whenever I open one or both of the image files, the 2850K option in the software drop down list disappears, and both say 6500K.


      What am I doing wrong here? I can select 2850K in the color tables tab before I open an image, but after I open an image I can only see 6500K (listed twice) in the drop down list, in both the color tables tab and chart tab. I have unchecked 'Edit both color tables simultaneously' and tried everything I can think of. Help!



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          Hi Ben, I'm having kind of the same issue. In my case it says 6500K and 2850K from the start and when opening up a certain DNG file it then says 6500K and 5500K. I also wish to somehow get back the 2850K option.


          I did not see your message until I had already posted mine: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5424550

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            Ben Dearnley Level 1

            Hi Fredrick,


            Well as you can see I got no response from anyone for two years. I have abandoned using Adobe software for my raw image processing because I now use a Hasselblad that doesn't shoot DNGs. Lightroom can process the Hasselblad raws, and even shoot tethered, and it has some nice features, but the 'out-of-the-box' colour is no where near as good as Hasselblad's raw processing software. It is very hard to get good colour using Lightroom, in fact I have stopped using it for my Canon files too after I tried Capture One and saw how nice the colours are with that. I don't know what Adobe do with their colour engine but they seem to have a weird idea of what looks nice in the red/yellow/orange area of the colour wheel, which affects me greatly because I shoot food a lot, and those colours are very predominant in food. LR and ACR seem to render these colours in a unique (and ugly) way compared to every other raw processor I have used.


            Good luck with it.



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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Adobe has their standard which they set up for all cameras. For some cameras, mainly Canon and Nikon, Adobe tries to create profiles that match the in-camera settings. But the profiles that Adobe creates are only a starting point. If that profile doesn't provide what is needed then it's time to make adjustments. Once a satisfactory point has been obtained it's time to create your own individual defaults for your camera. Then, for special lighting situations like in your food photography, you need to create presets that can be applied. I have had three different cameras that shoot raw images, and have had to create my own default settings for each camera. You should expect to do the same if you want to get the maximum result from the software. However, if another software provides better results for you, then the obvious choice is to use it.