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    Canon 7D, Premiere CS4 and Proper Lighting !

    kishoreda Level 1

      Gentlemen !

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Premiere CS4

      6GB Ram


      Ok, I just bought a Canon 7D with a 128-35mm lens

      I have a 12 feet by 12 feet Green Room

      I even colored the floor Green, so its Green everywhere


      I have 4 sets of fluorescent lights on the ceilings , Here is the picture, which is taken by my phone

      I know too much lights is not good .

      I also have three (3)  500 watts fluorescent lights on seperate stands

      Can you share your some tips please

      How much light do I need to get a good clean video


      Many Thanks !IMG00086-20110427-1811.jpgIMG00087-20110427-1819.jpg