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    ADE doesn't authorize content of DRM download

    grammms Level 1

      I have my computer authorized in ADE. I have myPRS350 reader authorized in ADE. I have a Sony ereader account authorized. I can download and put books on the reader from the Sony bookstore. I can buy and download a book from B&N but I don't get the 'Authorizing content' message as described in ADE help.  All IDs and passswords are the same for all accounts. I successfully downloaded a book last week and loaded it on my reader, and now I can't do the same with another one.


      I should see a dialog box that  says "Downloading" for a (usually) brief  period. Then a second dialog box  stating "Authorizing content" appears,  during which time Adobe Digital Editions receives the ability to read  the item that was just downloaded. Then your item opens.


      I can download it and read it successfully in the free B&N for PC program.


      I have 2 separate versions of digitaleditions.exe in my computer. One is Users\Usename/Program Files\Adobe/Digital Editions\digitaleditions.exe  and the other one is C:\Users\Username\Appdata\roaming\macromedia\flash player\www.macromedia.com\bin\digitaleditions\digitaleditions.exe   Am I supposed to have 2? They both open the ADE window. ADE lists the contents of the Reader correctly but won't accept any downloaded files and add them to the library. If they are downloading what directory are they going into?


      I uninstalled and reinstalled ADE and libraries etc a lot. I deleted the Digital Editions folder on my reader and reauthorized it. I tried Calibre but it says the downloaded book file is locked by DRM.  My Sony PRS 350 reader says it is authorized to read Adobe files. I updated its firmware to the latest.


      So how do I get the 'authorizing content' activated during a download?