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    Cannot Link Media CS4 to CS5


      Hi guys apologies if something similar has already been posted, I have spent a few hours searching & not found the info I need.

      I just installed CS5 on a new machine & was trying to open a project that I have already started in CS4.

      The project requests as normal to assign moved data files (AVIs in this case) however once selected I get the message:

      Cannot Link Media The selected files cannot be link because it type (Audio) does not match the originals files type (Audio and video).


      I have tried skipping that step and opening the project anyway then right clicking the off line media to replace footage.. this now only replaces my audio.. I really need both.

      I shoot on HDSLRs & convert the files to CineForm AVI, I thought AVIs audio & video were linked? 

      Do you have any suggestions?