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    Missing Fonts and Embedding Fonts


      I've run into some strange behavior using Flash Catalyst, and I can't seem to find a solution.


      I've created a project that uses a custom font. The font displays just fine in the design window, however whenever I open the project it says the font is "missing". Yet the font still shows up in the font list and is properly installed in my font directory on OSX.


      Additionally, when I deploy the project to the web I select "embed fonts". When I load up the website, the font initially appears correctly, however hovering over or clicking on the text buttons changes the font to a default font in a very strange and unpredictable way. Here's the website for reference: http://www.neighbors-film.com


      I believe this is related to FC being unable to find the font file, however I'm not sure how to tell it where the file is located.


      Any suggestions?