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    career as FLEX Developer


      hi can any one help me..am pradeep am a B.sc Computer science graduate 2008 passout.currently working in a small consultancy as a process associate.

      i want to start my career as a FLEX developer..

      my doubt is being a 2008 passout candidate can i start my career on FLEX?

      bcoz every one is asking b.tech and 2010 or 2011 passou.t plz help me.

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          Devtron Level 3

          I wish I could help you but I have no idea what you need help with.

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            drkstr_1 Level 4

            I believe passout is some kind of degree or certification in India, correct?



            If I may be frank, you would do much better in the international work force if you imporve your english communication skills, rather then get some obscure certification that most people have never heard of. If you know your stuff, and can communicate that you know your stuff, then you should have no problem finding work as a Flex developer, as it is very high in demand right now. Because technology changes so fast, a degree or certification is meaningless to me when hiring a Flex developer. I want to know what kind of developer they are, how much they know about the underlying functionality of the framework, and how well they can communicate.


            However, you must take this with a grain of salt because I can only give you my own perspective, and not the perspective of the people you will potentially be interviewing with.

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              Ankur Arora Level 1

              Hi Pradeep,

              I'm Ankur and working as Flex expert from last 3.5 years. I'm also an Adobe Certified in Flex. Invovled in interviewing lots of Flex guys for my company but let me tell you as an interviewer I never ever concentrate much on there degrees I know they are good to have but along with them you have to have technical and practical knowledge. So basically, doesn't matter if you are 2008 pass out or 2011 pass out I'm not sure if there is any major difference amongst two. All you have to know is knowledge of Flex in a good sense so you should be able to clear the interview.


              Now, question is how to learn Flex, for that you should start building small small applications by yourself and read a good book. Once you are done to some extent start using livedocs and blog.flexexamples.com for more in depth knowledge.


              Let me know if I could be of any other help.



              Ankur Arora

              Flex & Flash Expert

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                Pradeep0816 Level 1


                Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

                your suggestion helped me to gain confidence and i came to know that i

                should focus more on subject rather than qualification.I need to improve my

                communication skills also.

                Hoping a lot more support from you



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                  Pradeep0816 Level 1

                  Hi Ankur ji.... Thanks for your guidance...it helped me to concentrate more

                  on subject and practical knowledge..

                  As a Flex developer can i get placement in CMM Level companies or MNC


                  please help me in this regard

                  Thanks & Regards


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                    Ankur Arora Level 1

                    Yes, You can work in companies from mid-cap to big size the only thing is that you should be good on your concepts, logics and knowledge. So buddy study hard.


                    Also, please mark this post as answered if I were able to answer your question properly. So people would know about it when anyone else will face the same.




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                      Pradeep0816 Level 1

                      Thanks for your answer....akurji

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                        Ankur Arora Level 1

                        most welcome buddy

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                          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

                          Just to add to many of the valuable comments in this post, I would like to say the best way to improve is to work on your own little pet projects.  These don't have to be something you do for money and whatnot, but they allow you to confront and overcome challenges that you may not have seen in your workplace.  That is what I feel has given me the most value as a Flex programmer.

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                            i am also from india, i was finished my BCA at 2009 now i am doing data entry work from my home. now i am trying to get job in any good development company is there any satisfied degree or diploma for Flash that help me getting good job?

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                              Ankur Arora Level 1

                              Doing ACE will certainly help in getting calls from companies but in parallel to do that you should be knowing all concepts and standards.




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                                Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

                                Try and apply at TATA Consulting Services, they do have Flex teams.