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    stitching/mergigng of xdps using document builder when fragments have been used in xdps.

    Ashish_Tyagi1987 Level 1



      I am trying to merge xdps using document builder in LiveCycle workbench. Basiclly I am using the option "Dynamic stitching" in document builder to merge more then one xdps. So I am able to do it when my xdps are not having any fragments.

      But I am not able to get the merged xdp when fragments are there in my xdps.

      It is throwing some error.


      It says "XFA dynamic assembler failed to stitch a fragment".


      So can I specify the fragment path while merging these xdps.


      Please let me know the inputs on this. Or is there any other way to merge xdps which are having fragments.


      Thanks in advance,