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    Images does't not appear


      There is what I see if I open the .htm file in the directory:

      When we visualize the project in our intranet or directly in the project, the images become with red X instead of the image.

      This problem occurred after we build the project following modifications.

      When I look at the properties of my book, I see that the link is on the correct file extension. htm. If I go into the directory where we saved the project and I open this file. htm, the image is correct






      image correcte.gif


      I checked in the Adobe Online Help and I found an note about the images. I changed in the "Document Framemaker" an option. I unchecked the option to generate images every time as it was advised in the conversion settings. But without success.


      paramètre conversion.gif


      Thank you in advance.





      There is what I see when I open the project or The Intranet:


      image deffectueuse.gif