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    Lightroom 3.4 update site unavailable from Sydney


      I have been unable to download Lightroom update from Adobe. Clicking on the final download link




      directs to the following page:




      This only applies to MAC version of the software, Windows download works fine.


      Hope Adobe is looking into this...

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          Maybe it is just and Australian thing because I am experiencing exactly the same behaviour and there is little mention of the problem in other forums.


          Very unAdobe like ...

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            Same problem here from Sydney and for the Mac version only.


            That's unfortunate...

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              Krakus Level 1

              The problem still persists as of April 30. Clearly Adobe has other priorities. Fact that we have paid for our licenses just like our American friends (in fact, quite a bit more), somehow escapes them...


              Anyway, I downloaded trial version from Adobe's site (this works) and installed on my system. It picked up existing licence, settings, plugins, catalogue etc. In other words it worked just like an update.

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                Visible Range

                Same problem here in Perth, Adobe reps are clueless about the problem and keep on giving crazy solutions, look at the transcript of the live chat I had with them and the subsequent solution (I've added the email I recieved from them at the bottom)

                __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________

                info: Thank you for choosing Adobe. A  representative will be with you shortly.  Your estimated wait time is 1  minute(s) and 3 second(s) or longer as there are 1 customer(s) in line  ahead of you.
                info: You are now chatting with Abrar .
                Abrar : Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
                You: Hi mate I'm ............
                You: Tried to download Lightroom 3.4 update for mac several times, but the link is broken
                You: can you please direct me to a working link?
                Abrar : May I please have your email address registered with Adobe while I review your request?
                You: ...........................
                Abrar : Thank You.
                Abrar : I apologize for an inconvenience caused to you.
                Abrar : I request you to contact Technical  Support Team in order to get assistance on your issue, I will provide  you the link from where you can locate the contact number.
                Abrar : Please click here to locate the contact number.
                Abrar : Is there anything else I can help you with?
                You: I just need to download an update  to LR which is advertised. I don't see why I need to contact tech  support...I DO NOT have a technical problem
                You: Do you have a working link, or did Adobe screw up the update link?
                Abrar : Can I have the address of the link which you are trying to access?
                You: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=5021&fileID=4665
                You: now try clicking on that and you get the following message
                Abrar : Thank you.
                You: Site unavailable  We're sorry, the service you requested is currently unavailable. In the meantime please explore the other areas of Adobe.com.  Thank you for your patience.
                Abrar : I see that the link which you have provided to me is working fine.
                You: Yep that link is working .... now go ahead and click on "download now" button and see what happens
                Abrar : Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.
                You: sure
                Abrar : I see that the, I can download the product.
                You: for mac or for windows?
                You: Check out this link from dpreview
                You: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1000&message=38312534
                You: when I click on the link this is what I get http://unavailable.adobe.com/
                Abrar : I'll be right with you.
                Abrar : I request you to create a technical  web case from your Adobe account in order to get assistance, I will  provide you the link from where you can locate the contact number.
                Abrar : I am sorry, I will provide you the link from where you can create a technical web case.
                You: ??????????
                You: Can you get your team to fix the link please?
                Abrar : Please click here to log in to the Customer Support Portal.
                Abrar : Click the Technical Support tab in the Get Support section of the Customer Support Portal.
                Abrar : If you need product support, select  Using a Product or Service from the Choose Issue Type menu. Select Your  Products to choose from a list of your registered products, or select  Additional Products to choose an unregistered product, and then click  Continue. If the product you chose is covered by a support plan, select  that support plan. Complete the Create a Support Case form and click  Review Case & Submit.
                You: Done, but I still think Adobe needs  to fix the link....form a software giant like Adobe this is  Pathetic.....anyway thanks for trying to help mate, ....bye!
                info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ................. at the end of your chat.


                __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________



                After the above fiasco I've received the following email from Adobe as a response to my "product support inquiry" suggested by the live chat rep

                __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________


                Hi ........... ,

                Thank you for contacting Adobe Technical Support.  My name is .......... This is in regards to your concern posted on Adobe web support portal  regarding an issue with "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3".

                Based on the information provided by you, my understanding of your  issue is that you are not able to download Lightroom 3.4 update.

                I can understand that must make you feel upset and we will work toward fixing this situation for you.

                I would like to inform you that you need to create a new administrator account and then try to download the update.
                To create a new user account in Mac OS 10.6 :

                1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
                2. Click Accounts.
                3. If some of the options are grayed out, click the padlock icon and enter your administrator name and password.
                4. Click the plus sign toward the bottom of the window on the left.
                5. Enter the user name (for example, type test). Make sure to  enter a password that you'll remember (such as test) in the Password and  Verify boxes.
                6. Click Create Account.
                7. Select the Allow User To Administer This Computer option. This makes the test user an administrator.
                8. Click the Apple Menu and choose Log Off.
                9. When the log-in screen appears, choose the test user.
                10. Download the update from the below mentioned link:


                Click on Download now to download the update and if still you are  not able to download the update then you need to change your web  browsers to Mozilla Firefox and then try to download.

                For computers with previous versions of Lightroom currently installed:
                1. Download the Lightroom 3.4 update.
                2. Open the folder, double-click the updater file, and follow the onscreen instructions.

                For computers without a previous version of Lightroom installed,  there is no need to install any previous versions of Lightroom before  installing Lightroom 3.4.
                1. Download the Lightroom 3.4 update.
                2. Open the folder, double-click the updater file, and follow the onscreen instructions.

                Note: Lightroom 3.4 will automatically replace any previous version of Lightroom 3 in your Applications folder.

                64-bit Installation Notes
                Lightroom 3 is a 64-bit application by default. Lightroom 3 can be  used as a 32-bit application by selecting "Adobe Lightroom 3" in the  Application folder, choosing Get Info (CMD I) and checking the "Open in  32 Bit Mode" option.

                This should resolve your issue. If it does, please let us know,  however in case it does not; please revert with the following  information:

                1) Are you getting any error message while downloading the update ?
                2) Send us the screen shot of the error message.

                You may also call Technical Support at 0207 365 0735 We are available from Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                Though we are always happy to assist you; however, in future if you  face any problems with Adobe products, you could also try referring to  our knowledge base & User to User forums by clicking on the  following links:

                KnowledgeBase: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm
                User to User Forums:www.forums.adobe.com

                To know more about Adobe products, please visit our product page:

                Thanks for contacting Adobe Technical Web Support and we appreciate your time spent.

                Have a nice day.

                PLEASE NOTE: we will be waiting for your reply on this case. In case  you are unable to respond we will be sending you a reminder on the 2nd  day (From the day of our response to you) and then the case will be auto  closed on 7th day assuming your issue is resolved.  However, you can  reopen your case by visiting our web support portal and we will be happy  to assist you further


                This email is in response to support case #................ submitted by ..............................


                __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________


                As they have suggested I've done the new admin account thing (I use FF anyway) juust to capture a sceen shot of their "unavailable" page and sent it to them

                Now as I've mentioned to the rep this is darn pathetic from a software giant like Adobe.

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                  same with me, I can download the Windows version, but NOT the Mac version, still getting: "http://unavailable.adobe.com"

                  I live in Sydney.

                  ALL other links are working, e.g. ARC or DNG converter update 6.4.  .... very frustrating !!!

                  Yes, as others reported I can download the trial version, but I'm not sure if this might create a problem with the license??

                  Hopefully somebody from Adobe fixes their download link!!

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                    Visible Range Level 1

                    downloaded the update from a direct ftp link I found in another thread.....here you go...


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                      SimonBl Level 1

                      Visible Range, many thanks for this.  I too have been trying to download this update for 2 days, always receiving the 'Site Unavailable' msg that oithers have posted.  I am in Perth, Australia.


                      Anyway, thanks for posting this link, downloading now.  Want a job for Adobe Tech Support?  ;-)


                      Poor form, Adobe.



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                        Jan_Abadschieff Level 1

                        Many thanks to Visible Range!!

                        Cheers from Syndey :-)

                        P.S. thsi is Really pathetic from Adobe .....

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                          Tom Hogarty Adobe Employee

                          Thanks for everyone's patience.  I've been working with our web team on this issue for several days and believe that we finally have a fix in place.(Adobe seemed unwilling to fly me to Sydney to test it personally)  Please let me know if you have any additional problems downloading Lightroom 3.4.


                          Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5021

                          Windows: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5022



                          Tom Hogarty

                          Lightroom, Camera Raw, DNG Product Manager

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                            Jan_Abadschieff Level 1

                            It works now, thanks!

                            Btw there is a nice Adobe office in Sydney ;-)

                            Cheers, Jan