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    using AppMeasurement with osmf


      hi everybody,


      i'm working on a AS3 project including video reproduction managed with OSMF 1.5.

      Now i must implement analytics using AppMeasurement.swc.

      How use AppMeasurement to track data from my video?


      thanks all



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          Gheorghe Blanariu Adobe Employee



          You can dinamicly load the plugin. Here is a code snippet.


          var mediaFactory:MediaFactory = new MediaFactory();

          mediaFactory.addEventListener(MediaFactoryEvent.PLUGIN_LOAD, onPluginLoaded);

          mediaFactory.loadPlugin(new URLResource("http://yourServer.com/appMeasurement.swf?s.configURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.corp1.com%2Fasconfig .xml"));


          private function onPluginLoaded(event:MediaFactoryEvent):void


          mediaElement = mediaFactory.createMediaElement(new URLResource("yourAsset");






          The config file should look like this:









               <pageName>OSMF Player</pageName>








          For more info you should see the Omniture documentation.



          Hope this helps,