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    XDCAM audio/video mismatch

    Kusumas Level 1

      I've changed this after examining again what's going on:

      Please forgive me for being so picky and pre-judging the readers of this forum but I realise I'm rare in running PPro on a PC so - please only answer if you are familiar with XDcam video files AND Premiere Pro on a PC. (Also, the Adobe "support" desk only helped to raise my blood pressure and shorten my lifespan by a couple of weeks).


      I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 on a PC Win7 64x
      I shot one take of 2 hours 20 minutes on a Sony PMWEX3 camera, using just two memory cards.
      When I play the footage on player software (XDCAM EX Clip Browser), it plays fine.
      When I import the footage into PPro, the audio does not match the video:
      The video is continuous and correct - it is fine - but the audio consists of every other second of the footage concatenated together so that:
      The first 25 frames are fine;
      from frames 26-50, the video is OK but the audio is from frames 51-75;
      the audio under video frames 51-75 is from frames 101-125 etc.
      As I said - it all plays fine in the separate player/browser software.
      I have tried creating an entirely new project on a different drive of my PC but the problem persist - HOWEVER, when I do that, PPro does not conform the files - is that clue a to what's going on?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Did you import the complete BPAV folder? If not, try that.

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            Kusumas Level 1

            Thanks Harm, I tried that but the problem persists.


            I aso tried deleting everything other than the video files and starting from scratch but still it's messing up.


            Any other ideas?





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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Try cleaning the media cache and deleting the .CFA (conformed audio) and .PEK (waveform) files. When you reopen your project, these files need to be recreated, so be patient while this automatic process is going on. Maybe that will solve your issue.


              BTW, around 90% use a PC and only 10% a MAC, so you definitely are not a rare species over here.

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                Kusumas Level 1

                I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond - I needed to get on with it and I chose a workaround that involved recording the sound in real-time off the clips and matching that by ear/eye (I do this a lot so it's not really too much of a problem!).

                However, your answer, Harm, was prefect! I deleted those files and it's now working perfectly. If this happens again I'll know what to do.

                Also, in deleting ALL the .pek and .cfa files, I freed up around 27Gb!!


                So thank you, you're a genius!