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    VideoCrafters Level 1

      If I choose to be brave enough to attempt an overclock... what effect would I notice in editing AVCHD.


      asus p6x58d-e
      windows 7 64bit
      24 gig ram
      i7 950

      Noctua NH-U12P Cooler
      antec 1000 watt power supply

      5 1t Western Digital Black Caviar Drives

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          Do you have any links/ tutorials/ guides on overclocking with the intel DP67B4 extreme Mobo and BIOS for an i7-2600k processor?


          How do I know how much voltage to increase on the bu**er as I increase the clock speed?


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            RjL190365 Level 5

            For overclocking the i7-2600K on that Intel DP67BG-B3 motherboard, you will need to hunt down certain voltage settings and stress-testing software such as Prime95 or Intel Burn Test and CPU temperature-monitoring software such as RealTemp or CoreTemp. And in the case of these CPUs, you will also need CPU-Z to check the actual clock speed of the CPU since Windows only reports the CPU's stock speed. All this software, plus hours or even days of stress testing, is necessary because the Intel motherboard's UEFI BIOS does not have an auto-overclocking feature like those on the Asus and MSI motherboards and also because Intel's Windows-based overclocking software does not work as well as those from Asus or MSI (and such overclocking software works only on motherboards of the same brand as the software). Also, it is more difficult to determine the "stock" VRM setting of Intel-branded motherboards because they don't support VRM monitoring (the CPU voltage display in CPU-Z remains blank instead of indicating a reading).


            Once you memorize the Vcore, Internal Overvoltage and Load Level Calibration settings, don't change them yet. Raise the multiplier little by little until your system no longer remains stable in Prime95 for at least one hour. And with Sandy Bridge if you see a BSOD with an error code of 0x00000124, it means something different from the Nehalem and Westmere i7's: With Sandy Bridge, it means that the Vcore needs a bump (raise this in increments of 0.025V until the overclocked system remains stable in Prime95 for at least one hour) while with Nehalem/Westmere it means that the VTT (Uncore voltage) is incorrect.

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              crmark Level 1

              I got all the apps downloaded. Thankyou RJL.

              I tinkered a bit with the BIOS, and my Windows got corrupted. Even after I reset the BIOS and reverted back to defaults. What am I doing wrong?