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    Hyperlinking Overriding Marquee Zoom?


      Hello all - I'm a new member to this forum and have what is (I hope) a simple question...  I've got a series of PDF documents that have hyperlinks embedded in them from another application (ArcGIS).  The hyperlinks work great with Adobe Reader 8 (they do exactly what they are supposed to do) so that end of things is good.  What I'm finding though is that when I try and use the marquee zoom tool in AR8, it only lets me use it outside the area where the hyperlinks are (basically just the white space around the map).  As soon as I hover the marquee zoom tool over the map, it gives me the finger (not literally) to click on the hyperlink it is over top of and marquee zoom is not available unless I again go out over the white space around the map.  It works fine starting in the white space and ending within the map but not at all from just inside the map area (again, just get the finger to select a hyperlinked feature).


      The puzzler for me is that this issue is occurring on some new laptops we have just purchased but on older laptops we have (again with Adobe Reader 8), it does not occur at all - marquee zoom works from anywhere on the page and the hyperlinks work properly as well.  I've looked through all the options and menus in Adobe Reader but can't see anything that would override this behaviour...does anyone out there know of how to resolve this issue?