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    Submit Button to submit xml data of form to a server folder

    r.c.s. Level 1

      I have Livecycle ES2 vs 9 on Windows 7.


      I have created a form that our users will fill out in adobe reader. I would like them to be able to hit the submit button and it send the xml data to a specified folder on our server.


      I created a submit button from from the generic "button", chose to use as a "submit" control type, then entered the servers url as http://<my server name>:<Open Port>/<Folder name on the server>/


      I chose to submit as XML data


      When I test the button, a box willl pop up saying "Preparing for submit..." then immediatley changes to "Receiving Data".


      The problem is that the box freezes on "receiving Data" but I do not need to receive data, I just need to dump the xml data to the folder on my server.


      I have used a variety of urls with and without the port#, or without the http: but with backslashes but get the error "An error occurred during the submit process. There was a problem connecting to the server."  I feel the latest URL with the port# is at least closer by trying to communicate with the server.


      Not sure what I am missing but I have seen in other forums where some have used PHP code or a servlet but I have no experience with either and the forums did not cover the scripting and where it needs to be placed.


      Can someone help me?