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    Comments/Annotations erased after document save in Adobe Reader X


      I have opened a document which contained six comments made by user cmhomer (as seen in the below image).

      image 1.JPG

      While reviewing the document I add additional comments and annoatations.  In the image below you will see 7 comments, one which was made by user cunderw.

      image 2.JPG


      When I am finished and save the document I am prompted with the "Save As" dialogue.  I enter a new file name and complete the Save process.  Once saved I close the document.


      When I open the new document I just saved, the original comments and my comments can no longer be seen (see image below)

        image 3.JPG


      I have tested this process with version 8 of Adobe Reader and it works without any issues.  I have also had three of my co-workers test Adobe Reader X and are having the same problems.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated.