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    Extreme rendering times when applying stills


      Hi guys,


      I'm doing a job where I've recorded a few lectures, and some interviews.

      The lecture is roughly 40 minutes long. It's split screen with a close up of the presenter on the right, and the keynote on the left.

      All this is stiched together in PP.


      Thing is, it takes 8 hours to render this!!!

      I've kind of concluded that it must be when applying the jpg's the time is going thrue the roof! I know this because the interviews was originally without any graphics, are two minutes long, and took 15 minutes to render, but after applying a logo and some other .psd layers to it, it takes aprox 2,5 hours to render!!

      How can this be?


      My workflow is as follows:

      5DMK2 files (.mov) are transcoded with Cineform Scene, then edited in PP. I apply Magic Bullet Colorista 2, Looks,Neat Image Noise Reducer and a few seconds of Twixtor. I then render it at H.264, 720p, 24p.


      My computer is a:

      i7 4,2 ghz Intel

      4 gigs of ram

      ATi gfx card


      Hope some can help, or perhaps advise me to use another rendering method to render the lectures in a decent time? It dosen't have to be HD, it just gotta work!