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    Failure for AVCHD project to link to source files at startup (= crash!)


      I've been working on a HD project for the last three weeks. All source files on an external drive.


      Starting today, when I attempt to open the project, CS5 runs through the "Loading project" bar, then freezes up (rotating blue circle icon). I have to shut down the program through Task Manager.


      Using a backup project file, the project WILL open if I choose "Offline All". But then I must link every file individually while in the 'offline' project; if I try to do it as a large group, the program freezes up.


      I uninstalled, and reinstalled CS5, and still have the same issue. I also tried to open the project linking to a backup drive containing the video files...same crash.


      I'm able to open past projects without issue, using video off of the same drive.


      To go even further, I've noticed that the audio files that are linked to the video clips aren't automatically imported. I only get sound through my recorded narration .wav files. 


      I'm perplexed!