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    PC Laptop for Cs5.5


      We need a laptop to run Cs5.5 - weight not an issue - make, model and key features (capacities) would help

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          Navarro Parker Level 3

          Well, anything current could certainly *run* CS5.5. Are you just running AE or do you plan to use Premiere Pro a bit?  If so, I'd really look for a laptop that has a supported NVidia GPU:




          And I'll virtually guarantee that any laptop that has a CUDA-aware Nvidia GPU (a programming language used by Premiere's Mercury Engine) will have sufficient other hardware to run the rest of the CS5.5 suite.  In general, the more RAM, the better.  The more CPU cores, the better. And the faster the HD, the better. (in that order)


          If a laptop maker had a really smart marketing department, they'd get with Adobe to advertise laptops with an "Adobe CS5.5 Optimized" sticker.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 7

            I agree with Navarro: if you have a laptop that can run AE 10, you have a laptop that can run AE 10.5.