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    Export HD from CS5 to edit in Adobe Premiere 6.5


      A friend of mine wants to use some clips in a project she is editing in Adobe Premiere 6.5. (Old School). Back in those days I used Final Cut and I have no experience of Premiere 6.5. Now I use CS5 and Media Encoder.


      My footage is in Sony XDCAM EX format. 16:9 progressive-scan 720p HD video at 25 frames per second. 48kHz audio. More detailed below.


      What would be the best format for me to export so she will get the best possible import?


      We both live in PAL-area (Sweden) if that matters.


      Thnks in advance.







      Editing mode: Sony XDCAM EX 720p

      Timebase: 25,00fps


      Video Settings

      Frame size: 1280h 720v (1,0000)

      Frame rate: 25,00 frames/second

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

      Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)


      Audio Settings

      Sample rate: 48000 samples/second


      Default Sequence

      Total video tracks: 3

      Master track type: Stereo

      Mono tracks: 0

      Stereo tracks: 3

      5.1 tracks: 0

      Submix mono tracks: 0

      Submix stereo tracks: 0

      Submix 5.1 tracks: 0