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    flv won't publish

    chritix420 Level 1

      I imported the .flv file, it plays fine under preview inside catalyst, it plays fine in AIR, and it plays fine if i open the .swf in the local folder.


      But when I go into the deploy-to-web folder and open my .swf file, it refuses to play the .flv file and appears to "not be found" giving a blank movie loading screen, where the play button is inactive.


      I've tried importing the .flv file with the .flv file in different directories, yet this hasn't improved the results. I appreciate any help, and thank you.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Are you trying to access the deploy-to-web folder on your local computer or is it located on a server?


          If you are trying to access that folder locally, you are encountering various security issues on how a swf can access external content.


          If you are trying to access that folder on a server, did you included all the sub directories within the deploy-to-web folder?