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    Using HostComponent as target for effect in skin file




      I am creating a collapsible panel. I have the component file and a skin file.

      I have declared collapsed and normal states in my skin file.

      when the state change happens i need to show some animation, so used the transition effects. as below.





            <s:Transition fromState="*" toState="collapsed">


               <s:Parallel duration="250" target="{hostComponent}">


                  <s:Resize heightTo="{hostComponent.collapsedHeight}" />







            <s:Transition fromState="*" toState="normal">


               <s:Parallel duration="250" target="{hostComponent}">


                  <s:Resize heightTo="{hostComponent.expandedHeight}" />








      Everything works fine with this.

      someone suggested me that using hostComponent as target for the effect is not a good practice? are ther any disadvantages of this.

      I tried setting one of the group as target for the effect but that only resizes the particular group and not entire component. if i set the skin as target i.e. "this", still the component doesnot resize.

      any suggestions?