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    Premiere Elments 9 freezing - power supply problem?


      I originally posted about PE9 crashing here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3625726#3625726, but the threads now seem to have gone off-track so I am starting a new discussion.  I have now read everything on this forum to do with PE crashing, and I have followed all suggestions with limited success.  I have now split my HDV project into 3 15-minutes projects and things are a bit better, although it still freezes way too often.  Editing titles seems to cause the freeze the most, although sometimes it is during playback - first the video stops playing but the audio continues and then I get the dreaded white screen.


      I found this post in the forums: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/795471?start=50&tstart=0.  Although this problem was with CS5 I wonder if the same problem could exist in PE?  That user's problems were all fixed when he bought a better power supply and set the Power Options to High performance.  My power supply is a NUMAN ATX-400W, which does not seem very powerful to me.  My PC is an Intel i7 870 2.93 GHz, 4 gb RAM, 2 1 terabyte hard drives, static paging file of 32768.  Does any one know if a low powered power supply could cause problems in PE?


      Often I get the message that PE is getting low on memory, which looks like some sort of memory leak rather than hardware-related, but I want to consider all possibilities.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You might want to look at the PSU part of Harm Millaard's What PC to Build.


          Here is another THREAD in the Adobe Hardware Forum on PSU's.


          Good luck,



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            Ted Smith Level 3

            Yes I suspect PE9 does have a 'resources' leak.

            When editing a large project I sometimes get a similar the warning to save and close due to low resources. Particularly when I add titles over a busy scene or effect.

            The Available memory (in windows task manager) still shows plenty of memory is available.


            This suggests that the program is written in a low level language that has the old problem of fixed limits of memory allocated to certain tasks and the warning comes when these are approached.


            If the 'using up of more memory' is so great than this warning level is exceeded then you get a crash instead of a warning.


            Various combinations of video cards seem to make it worse.


            I always keep the preview window as small as possible unless I really need it big to examine detail.


            I also keep the timeline thumbnails switched off until I really need them. It is surprising how much you can edit without them, using the preview window instead.

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              kjm33 Level 1

              I agree with Ted that there is a resources leak in PE9.  However for me things are now going well again and PE is behaving nicely.  I'm not 100% sure which of these things improved it (maybe all!):


              1. Just before Ted suggested it, I changed the timeline video view to the simplest one, not showing a clip at beginning or end.


              2. I split my long project into 3 15-minutes projects keeping only the used media in the project, and deleting unused media.  (One of my short projects did freeze however when I tried to add a new title, but then no further problems)


              3. In frustration I downloaded and installed Cyberlink PowerDirector.  It's almost as though Adobe knows and is making PE9 behave!  Seriously though I wonder if there are some shared DLL's and a faulty DLL is now fixed.  Unlikely but possible.  On a separate tack, PowerDirector looks OK and has the interesting Particles special effects.  Does anyone know what PE9 can do that PowerDirector cannot do.


              4. An update came through for both PS9 and PE9 - I can't remember what it was but at the time I thought it was irrelevant to my problem.


              5. I ran the BCEDIT command to increase RAM per app to 3 gb - see post below


              So I am just finishing off my 3 separate projects, will output them each to a file and make a final 4th project to import the other 3 and render the final output.

              I would actually like to combine the 3 back into one project at the source clip level (without intermediate files) but can't see any way of doing that.

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                Ted Smith Level 3

                On your original question, I would be very surprised if the power supply was giving any trouble unless it also does it when playing an ordinary HD DVD.


                I had a computer some time ago that would freeze only when I showed videos, turned out to be the cpu fins were clogged with dust and the cpu was overheating.


                It would behave perfectly with a static screen like a wordprocessor because the cpu was burning less power.


                There are utilities that allow you to monitor the cpu temp while you are working.

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                  kjm33 Level 1

                  I have just remembered something else I tried that may be the fix to the white screen freezes:



                  See http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/increasing-ram -access-for-a-single-application/94be1162-27fa-436a-b216-7fae881e34a2 - I ran the BCDEDIT command to increase the limit of 2 gb per application in 32-bit Windows. Apparently 32-bit apps have access to 4 gb RAM, but 2 gb is reserved for the kernel and 2 gb for the app.  I ran the command to increase the app amount to 3 gb.  Thinking about it now that could have made a huge difference if it was indeed a resources issue.