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    Hyperlinks to documents in print word to pdf


      Dear Experts ;-)


      I'm  printing a word document with hyperlinks to pdf via print > save as  pdf. The hyperlinks to websites via browsers and emails work fine in the  pdf version, but the hyperlinks to objects that are to be included in a  DVD-Rom (electronic press kit) – in my case video and audio files that  work perfeclty in word – are not hot links in the pdf file. Why?


      I do not have an Acrobat Pro version. My set-up: MacBook Pro 15" (2011), Adobe Reader 9.4.4, Word 2004 for Mac version 11.0.


      The  .pdf file I create is stored in the same folder as the audivisual  objects that the hyperlinks are supposed to lead to, as will be the case  in the DVD-Rom.

      I have also tried to open the pdf with Acorbat  Reader instead of Preview, but to no avail: only the hyperlinks to web  and mail work.


      Thanks for your support!