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    Disable Past dates in mx:DateField

    Dhaval (Dotsquares)

      I'm  using DateField for the startDate input. How to not allow users to select a past date, the dates after today, in the DateField?

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          jfb00 Level 3


          Try this:

          var today:Date = new Date();
          var endDate:Date = new Date(today.getFullYear(),today.getMonth(),today.getDate()-1);
          myDate_df.disabledRanges = [{rangeEnd:endDate}];





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            Devtron Level 3

                                            <mx:DateField id="dfStartDate"
                                                name="Start Date"
                                                disabledRanges="{[getTomorrowDate(),{rangeStart: getTomorrowDate()}]}" />




                        private function getTomorrowDate():Date {
                            var tomorrow:Date = new Date()
                            tomorrow.date += 1; //increment date to tomorrow, so we can disable it in the picker controls
                            return tomorrow;



            this disables everything after today.


            reverse it, if you want the opposite. use rangeEnd instead.

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