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    size of a swf file




      I have a website in fullflash in a html page

      but I have a problem.


      It is the height of my swf file


      under firefox it is ok




      but under internet explorer as you can see at the bottom the page

      the white rectangle is not a the good size.




      my parameter of of publishing under html are:


      size: percentage

      width 100%

      lenght 100%


      row html

      scale no border

      row flash

      horizontal left

      vertica high


      some one could explain me why it doesn t work under internet explorer ?


      thanks in advance

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Are you talking about the tiny little white rectangle at the very bottom of the right hand corner?

          If you 'll notice in the second photo you posted, all the text in the left panel is pushed down.

          My guess is it appears pushed down because the entire page is larger and does no longer fits on the screen, so the little white rectange in the right hand corner doesn't show... but it's there, just farther down the page. If you could scroll down you would see it. But most likely you have the style




          in the <head> of the document. That prevents the scrollbars from showing and allowing you to scroll down and see the white rectangle.

          And just a reminder, there is really no such thing as a "full Flash Website", only HTML, PHP, ASP, etc websites that happen to have some Flash content.

          That's exactly the case in your circumstance.

          There is more HTML and CSS controlling the layout of your Web page than listed in your post. So post a link to the actual page and we will take a look.

          Best wishes,