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    Timeline shows "forbidden" sign


      I'm trying to import still images (PNG) into the timeeline, but no matter where I drag them... the cursor turns into a forbidden sign.
      It wont allow me to drag the folder, all the images or a single image. Everywhere in the timeline, the cursor shows a forbidden sign.

      What am I doing wrong?


      I'm new to Premiere, and my teacher doesn't know the answer to the problem... so I would much appreciate some help on this issue!


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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          The Timeline panel is different than a sequence; more specifically, the Timeline panel is where sequences are displayed and can be operated upon. I suspect you don't have a sequence loaded into the Timeline panel. If you create one--either manually through the File > New > Sequence command or by dragging your clip to the New Item button at the bottom of the Project Panel--you'll be in business.

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            Sakulise Level 1

            But didn't I make a new sequence when I started the program?

            I'm following a school video on how to do it, but it's made for Windows. And somehow my Premiere wont let me do the same thing as in the video.

            I start a new prosject, and a new sequence. With all the details to match my stills (made in 3ds Max).


            Then my first problem was that it wouldn't let me import the folder with the rendered outputs as in the video. All kinds of other images from completely different places in my folder system got imported instead. So my teacher told me to mark all the stills in the folder, and import them that way.

            That worked. I now have all the correct stills in the top left box where it says "Project:" and then my project name.


            But when I mark the stills.. either one by one, all of them using shift, or put them in a folder (inside Premiere), and attempt to drag it to the timeline like shown in my school tutorial on how to do it.. the cursor turns into a forbidden sign and it wont let me drop it on the timeline.


            I'm sorry if this was all unnecessary information. If it is, it's because I didn't understand your answer correctly.

            But I appreciate your effort to help a lot

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Can you post a screen shot?

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                But didn't I make a new sequence when I started the program?


                Maybe, but it might not be loaded into the Timeline panel, or perhaps you have multiple tabs open in the Timeline panel, one of which contains your sequence and others that do not, like this:




                Without a sequence to drop clips into, you'll get the verboten mouse pointer.

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                  Sakulise Level 1

                  I don´t know if it´s even possible to make a screen shot with the curser visible. But here is an image of everything but the cursor hand with the forbidden sign. I´m holding the stills over the timeline as I´m taking the screen shot.Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 16.05.33.png

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    I see no reason you shouldn't be able to drop the clips into the sequence; are you hovering over the video tracks? If you drag video-only clips or images to the audio tracks, you'll get the no-no sign.


                    By the way, you can import those PNGs as a single clip, if you like; tick the Numbered Stills box in the Import dialog, and select the first image in the sequence. This will create a clip with all the numbered stills, each image as a single frame in the clip. You can then use Interpret Footage (Clip > Modify > Interpret Footage) to set the frame rate you need.

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                      jeremy d. Level 3

                      What about video or A/V files? Will those work?