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    Getting "File does not begin with '%PDF-" in IE with Reader X


      Our clients reported that Adobe Reader x was not loading PDF forms.  Adobe Reader popups an error message saying that "File does not begin with '%PDF-" when the form was rendering in IE.  We tested with different browser and the form loaded fine in Google Chrome and Firefox with Reader X, but NOT on IE.  We also open the generated PDF in notepad and the PDF does have %PDF-1.3 as the first line, below.


      %JetForm PDF Support Version 2.3.000
      1 0 obj
      /Type /Catalog
      /Pages 3 0 R
      /Outlines 4 0 R



      Is this a known issue with IE and ReaderX?  Is there any fix in place for this issue in the next Reader X update?  This is an severe problem for us since we have thousands of clients accessing our PDF forms daily.  Our PDF forms are dynamically generated and automatically displayed to clients to print out at the end of a transaction, so they can't just download the form.



      System that we tested this issue on:

      IE 7: Version 7.0.5730.13

      Adobe Reader X

      Window XP