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    1 minute long animation, help or hire.


      Hey guys

      Here´s the raw deal:


      I need to make a 1 mintue long animation for today that incorporates these three elements:

      It must have a title and credits

      Must have at least one character that uses the bone tool

      It must have shape tweens (with hints)


      The quality doesn´t really matter, just so long as it´s not completely shoddy, or super professional, it just has to be done by today.


      I know some flash but very, VERY little.


      Can anyone help me with ideas, pointers, tips or just advice?


      I´m willing to pay up a certain ammount to anyone who will do this assignment; speedily. I understand that flash is pretty grueling and usually takes a long time to make, but as I said before, I´m not asking for anything too advanced or high quality. Just enough to finish the assignment.


      ANY help is supremely appreciated.