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    Do red and black not mix well in Premiere or video in general?

    Intercostal Level 1

      This is something I discovered with this project. In the past I've created hundreds of still illustrations and never encountered this problem.


      When I have red lettering with a black outline(outer glow from Photoshop) the red lettering looks pixelated in the video. If it's yellow, blue, white ,etc... I don't

      have the pixelation.


      Does video or Premiere have a problem with the red/black combo?

      Is bright red a problem in general?


      At :21 to :25 the red is "staircased". It is a vector image from PS.

      AT :35...colors other than red...no aliasing.

      At :50  red again and aliasing

      :53 to :56    red lettering that looks aliased


      VIDEO link: