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    Send email notification to all participants

    Han Dao Level 1



      I would like to update the process to send an email at the end of the process to notify all persons who has participated in the process that the process has been completed.


      Can any one please advise on how can it be done.


      Thanks in advance,

      Han Dao

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          Abhinav Sharma Level 2

          If you refer participants as the user of workbench which are part of a particular process you can surely do it. Make a List variable in the process which will store emails. Now append all participant's mail addresses to this variable for each user. Now when the process reaches the last step (just before completion), loop through the list and send a notification mail to all participants.


          Another way is to create a group which has all the participants of a particular process. When process reaches to the last point get participant's mail ids using user lookup service. Send mail.


          Hope it helps!