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    Roll Over Image to get Text in different Location


      I am new to Dreamweaver CS5, and would like to have a mouse over effect on my new web site. Mind you, I do not know any code... and do the majority of my work in design view. When the user mouses over a particular navigation icon, I want a bar of text to appear under this icon (in a different div). I don't want it to replace the image itself.


      Just a little bit of background on how I have developed this site so far... I designed in Photoshop, sliced, saved for web, and opened the html in dreamweaver. Then I have created divs for the needed images to set as the background...will eventually make some divs editable, and save as template.Then I can add content to each one as I need based on different pages.


      Is there a way to get this roll over effect?? Can someone please tell me the steps, or give me a different way to get the same effect as I am new to Dreamweaver. Please help!!!