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    Adobe Camera RAW in Elements 8


      Hi, I have just purchased and installed PSE 8.  I've also got some tutorials on disc from a number of photography magazines as I am interested in editing photos using Camera RAW and PSE 8.


      For some reason I cannot open and files with Camera RAW version 5.5.  I have no idea how to update the software as I am new to this, does anyone know which version of Camera RAW I need to open files with a .DNG extension or .PEF (Pentax RAW) extension?


      I have tried following the steps to open files in Camera RAW but they just open into PSE 8 Editor in which I cannot adjust things such as white balance.


      This is becoming very frustrating and I am already regretting buying this program.


      Hopefully someone out there has more experience and knowledge than me and can help?