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    using QTpro to export from Flash

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      Using mac os 10.6.7 and flash pro cs5. Read in adobe flash help that QTpro works better to create .mov file when exporting from flash. I purchased QTpro from apple and installed. It will not open an .swf of .fla. When I try to File>Export>Export Movie it opens and uses QT10 which can with mac. I've looked in System preferences, Flash preferences, and QTpro and QT10 preferences for option to select QT version to use when exporting from from flash. I've tried changing publishing settings to Flash 5, read somewhere QT doesn't support Flash layers after version 5,but didn't help. Am I missing something? My .swf looks good but when I export through the file command, export movie, .mov file is filled with artifacts. On a mac how can I export from Flash and end up an .mov .mpg .wmv or .avi?

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          I have no idea what you read or what that reference might have meant. Installing QT pro will give you more compressors for video and audio to use when exporting from Flash, but that's about the only thing that QT pro will provide.


          With or without the installation of QT pro, exporting video from Flash is not a simple process. When I export to a video file, I always select no compressor for the video or the audio in the options. I don't want the video or the audio to be compressed while the Flash file is being converted to a from Flash's format to a video and audio file in a QT wrapper.


          After I have this .mov file, I take that file in a video editor application, Final Cut Pro, and compress the file to its final version.


          Exporting the Flash file using no compressors gives me the best quality output. Trying to compress the file during the export is usually a less than satisfactory process. Even with no compressor, I may have to export the file more than once to get a satisfactory result.


          Once you have a QT .mov file, you can bring that in to a real video editor, and compress the file so that it will work as you need it to work.

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            Thank you for the information Rob. I have tried exporting without Flash and without QT compression and without both types of compression and I still have artifacts with some files. I'm truing to export animations that I created in Flash and I am beginning to think it may be the way the animations were created. I've tried exporting them 15 or 20 times. I have a lot of problems with gradients, they always translate in striations. Also my symbol structure could be at fault. In the animations, I was trying to create fireworks, I nested animations in graphic symbols, animated those graphic symbols and nested them in other graphic symbols and animating them, repeating this sometimes 3,4, or 5 nested symbols deep. I'm reworking these and trying to keep everything much closer to the "surface" of the main time line.  I just wish that I could create the .mov file because the .swf looks great. Thanks again I appreciate your responding. Dan