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    How do I post form data to a web page & navigate to it also


      I'm new to flex and having some trouble with a project that I'm working on.  I need to be able to pass variables to a cfm page as form data and also navigate to that page.  I've been able to accomplish the same thing using the following code, except that the variables are passed in the url query string which won't work for me since i may have several thousand characters to pass...


      var url:String = "test.cfm";

      var u:URLRequest = new URLRequest();

      var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();

      variables.myvar = "test";

      u.data = variables;

      u.url = url;



      I also seem to be able to send the data as form variables using HTTPService, but i can't get it to send the data AND navigate to that page.


      I feel like im missing something really easy here, any help would be greatly appreciated!