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    PDF Pop-ups Not Opening In Browser


      For someone here at work, when they're in the campus web-based HR reporting system and they run a report, instead of popping the PDF up into a browser window/tab, she gets a download dialog box (save or cancel, etc).

      I have reset the 'open PDF in browser' internet setting for her within Adobe Reader (i.e. deselected it, closed, reopened and reselected that option).

      IE's pop-up blocker is off.

      Still the problem persists.

      To check on whether it may be something not getting through from a GPO in the AD, we had her log onto another like computer in the same office, and everything works fine on that one.

      System details:
      Win7 Ent. 64
      Adobe Reader X
      IE 8 (required for this site I think)
      Latest Java

      I have even completely uninstalled/cleaned out everything Adobe and Java and reinstalled after reboot and check disk.

      Any ideas what's going on here?