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    Printed text fuzzy (made of small dots) only when printing from Adobe Reader/ Acrobat


      Hi All,


      I have a Samsung ML-1640 printer. When I print from either Adobe Reader or Acrobat, I find black text gray-ish looking and when I look at it very close it is full of small holes on the inside of letter, and has a scattering of small dots outside of them. I do not have this problem when printing from a plain text editor or word. I've attached an example.


      These were both printed with the same printer settings (resolution, toner save mode). I've tried a few setttings in Reader like print text to black but they haven't helped.


      Some quick research online suggests my printer might not support post-script, forcing Adobe to print text as images rather than text. Does that sound plausible, and more importantly is it actually accurate?





      Sample images below were both taken with same zoom and resolution on camera, approximately same font size, so these are basically the same size on paper.


      Printed from Adobe Reader:




      Printed from text editor (MS Word prints like this too):

      IMG_3044 (2).JPG