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    Audio Cuts Out During Final Exported File


      This is an odd problem. I'm out of ideas. Here's the story:


      I have a 27-minute project, filled with short 20-30 second interview clips. Everything looks and sounds great for the entire video in the preview pane inside Premiere Elements. The problem is when I save (export) the project to a WMV file. In the exported file, the audio cuts out at 15:27. The video looks fine, but the audio just goes silent at that point. Up until the 15:27 mark, the audio sounds great.


      I have exported twice at different settings, just to be sure it wasn't a glitch. On each of these exported files, the audio cuts out at the exact same spot. Here are the settings I'm using:


      Frame Sieze: 512x384

      Frame Rate: 30fps

      Audio Setting: 96 kbps, 44kHz, stereo VBR

      Audio Encoding Passes: Two

      Bitrate Mode: Variable Unconstrained

      Codec: Windows Media Audio 9.2


      I'm not sure what else I should supply to help troubleshoot this problem. Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.