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    Digital Editions Crashing-Help!!!


      I was selected to review a book that has not been published yet.


      I installed Digital Editions, and when I try to download the book, Digital Editions crashes as soon as it starts to download.


      Am I doing something wrong here?  The book is a ".acsm" file.


      Any and all help is greatly appriciated!

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          Robin_R_D_ Level 1



          Your issue is a typical case in computer world with any application, sometimes some gets wrong and solving it can be made in some minutes or in weeks or months.


          The acsm file is not the eBook, is simply an XML file instructing ADE for going to download server.


          The first step is going to another website to download an ebook. Please go to http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/library/ you can find over 30 free ebooks.


          Does remain crashing your ADE?

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            The .ascm file isn't the book, but is the data ADE needs to download the

            book.  Your typical download process involves either .epub of .pdf format

            for ADE.


            When you start the download process, assuming Windows here, you'll get a

            screen that says 'Open' or 'Download'.  If you select 'Download', then your

            ebook will be transferred to your PC.  If you specify the file location, you

            'should' get an .epub file loaded to the location on your hard drive that

            you specify.  You can open ADE, and add it to your library from the

            'Library' screen by clicking the drop-down menu off the arrow next to the

            word 'Library' at the top of the screen.  Select 'Add Item To Library', and

            you'll be prompted to find the ebook.  Specify its location or Browse for

            it, and then click 'Open', and ADE will import the ebook to its library.


            If you get a .ascm file, then you can right click on it, and locate your

            arrow on 'Open With'. Pick ADE and you should see ADE open, and bring

            the ebook into the 'Reading' panel.  Once you set a bookmark, the book will

            reflect in ADE.


            Ah, the things we have to go through to read a book!  It used to be so




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              rizwan.54 Level 1



              Here is simple solution for your problem.


              Solution 1) Change the browser which you are using.

              If you are using IE then switch to Mozilla Firefox.


              Solution 2) Disable your firewall or antivirus permanently while downloading book.


              Solution 3) Create a new user account on your computer with administrator privilages and then try to download the book.


              I hope this will help you!!!!




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                None of this will help, Rizwan, because the problem isn't the browser, the

                firewall or the user settings.  It relates to whether ADM is accessing the



                If you were able to install ADE, your browser will work just fine with

                .epub, .pdf, .lit or other electronic formats for books and documents.  You

                gain nothing by changing browsers because there's no relationship between

                them and ADE's capability to manage those files.


                ADE does not interact with the user settings at all - it merely executes

                after it's installed, and does not require administrative privileges to be



                Further, as you do, you've recommended some technical solutions.  I would

                NOT advise disabling any firewall PERMANENTLY, as you suggest.  I understand

                what you're trying to say, but that's the wrong way to say it, and not

                required to do it in any case.