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    ADE won't download file

    Black Mutt

      ADE gives the following message - this version of ADE does not support password protected documents.  The file in question is an Operating Manual for amateur transceiver and resides on my hard drive.  Is there a way around this problem?  Thanks for your help.

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          Robin_R_D_ Level 1



          Simply open the file in Adobe Reader. You must know the password to open the file.

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            Black Mutt Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  Clarification - I can open and read the the file on my computer.  What I would like to do is download it to my E-Reader but as noted ADE will not work with the file as it is encrypted.  I do not want to change or edit the file - only download and read it on my E-Reader.  I am wondering why it will work on my computer through Acrobat, but not through ADE on my E-Reader.

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              Robin_R_D_ Level 1

              ADE is unable (on PC-eReaders) to open password protected files and it was created to manage only DRM protected and "fully non protected" epub-pdf files, you must go to other app in your eReader able to manage traditional pdf files, perhaps this app is included in the app pool of your eReader. Another approach is removing password from your pdf. You must be sure than password protected PDF are not the more secure files.

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                Unfortunately, this won't work - because the password protection can be set

                by the publisher and cannot be changed by the user.  Also, if the file is

                encrypted, it cannot be managed by ADE - which is the way ADE was designed,

                as noted above.  That's not true of Adobe Reader, which is based on your

                computer, not your ereader.  So, it's not possible to download an encrypted

                file to your ereader and open it with ADE.  That does NOT mean that your

                ereader won't work with encrypted files IF you use a different software.

                I'm not sure of all the software out there, so I can't suggest a particular

                one, but a little Google work might do the trick.





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                  Black Mutt Level 1

                  Thanks for the quick responses and information.  Have a great day