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    Captured footage without audio on timeline

    MediaVeli Level 1

      Hi forum,

      There is something strange happening with my PProCS5. I use sony HVRZ1U and I captured the footage from the casette. When i watch the footage (mpeg) by itself everything is fine. But when i try to watch it in Premiere, i cant hear anything. I cant see the audio waves in the audio section of the footage, so it means while importing Premiere doesnt import the audio for this footage. I tried capturing other footage from different casettes, and everything works fine.

      Does anybody have any idea what would be going on?

      Thanks in advance for any input.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          After capturing and importing into your project, you have to have some patience while PR indexes the footage and conforms the audio and creates PEK files. This is shown in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you try to edit before this process has completed, you can run into the trouble you describe. You can try to remove the CFA and PEK files and reopen the project and it will automatically restart the conforming process. See if that helps.