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    Pulling and playing movies in random order

    Online_in_Oregon Level 1
      I want to set up a fairly simple slideshow of movies. Basically, they'll all be similar, fading a photo in, pausing, then fading it out. What I'd like is for it to pull the movies at random, so the slideshow doesn't just play through exactly the same every time you open the page. Is there a way to actionscript that?

      Bonus points if there's a way to set it up on two layers so that while one photo is fading out another can be fading in, and we could have each layer pause "X" number of frames before starting a new movie clip, so that they appropriately overlap. I have it in my head how it will work, I'm just not sure how to actionscript it.

      Thanks for any help!!! :)
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          create an array of your photo file names and use the custom shuffle() method of arrays (search this forum for the code) to randomize their load/play order.

          you'll need to use two target movieclips so you can have one display until the next is fully loaded at which time you can initiate a fade-out of the current and a fade-in of the next.