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    Hi Service  Providers - advice and questions


      Hi inDesign Service Providers and others:


      I need some advice and help on inDesign products to see if I am barking up the right tree.  In exchange for your advice, if I am barking up the right tree (i think we will need to be implementing inDesign server) i promise to infor you about any opportunity to respond to RFP's in regards to our project.



      I'm the project manager for  a project which is to take a very special and treasured  medical protocols and assessment tool called the Community Health Aide Manual (CHAM)  (its a printed set of books) that will need to be converted to a web application.  Currently the content lives inside inDesign documents.  The content will likely be converted to XML and we will continue to use inDesign to create the printed books, but we want to be able to reuse the same xml content to power the online content.   Currently there is no document management, no versioning, no approval process for rollout of changes other than people sending emails to each other – we need a product that will help us do all of that, and publish the xml based content into indesign templates (hopefully will format the xml automagically) and into this web application.   The editors of my content reside all over the state of Alaska, so we need to be able to access the system remotely.  The last time we rewrote the manual it took us over five years to complete the process due to lack of process, lack of ability to edit and format, lack of inDesign skill levels.  A side outcome of the product should be to considerably shorten the time to put out a new version of the manual. 


      After doing a great deal of web research (I'm having difficulty finding local expertise in this arena - publishing isn't a big industry here) I'm thinking that inDesign server may be a good potential solution for us but at the same time I'm not exactly clear what it can and cannot do.  My understanding from the website is that it is a platform  by which we can develop workflows to manage the editing and formatting and publishing (in multiple output formats) of our content. 


      Thank you in advance for any advice or thoughts you have to offer.  I'm very grateful!!


      Beth Fleischer