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    In over my head :(


      OK, everyone please go easy on me.


      I'm a photographer, I really don't do anything with video.  Up until now, if I did it was nothing more than cell phone footage.  Now we have a new 7d and a little gopro we've been taking some video with them.  Nothing fancy, but something that needs editing.


      I'm really struggling to get the workflow of the editing.  I've been watching tutorials and stuff but still not quite sure about what I'm doing.


      In the past we purchased the production premium suite because of the other stuff we needed, until now I never even opened premiere or after effects.  But here I am now.  My big issue is I don't really understand when to use what tool (after effects vs. premiere) and also how they work together.


      So far I've found a ton of info on how to do this or that in each software but I think I need a tutorial/explanation on how the process of editing a video all together.  Nothing fancy, I'm not trying create a masterpiece.  Right now just a silly little vacation video.  Mostly trying to learn how to use the software.  I just don't know where to start.


      I figure I'd do a little intro title/splash screen.  Maybe some little animation about where we are going, I know its dorky...dont judge .  Titles through out the movie, I'd like to do sort of intro credits for the people that were on the trip, and maybe ending credit type things. Again, nothing really that fancy.


      Can anyone give me some advice on where to start.